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Miller alleged that while performing on a radio program together with porn actress Melissa Harrington, Harrington penetrated her with an oversized sex toy against her will, at the demand of Clem.In 2007, Clem was sued for defamation by competitor disc jockey Todd Schnitt, over on-air remarks Clem made about Schnitt's family.Clem's lawyer filed a motion asking that Nielsen's lawsuit be dismissed, but it was denied by a judge.In this video, Clem can be heard saying that the couple can "do their thing" and he will be in his office.In 2010, Bubba was also involved with TNA Wrestling as a backstage interviewer.He was fired from the show due to his negative comments regarding the Haiti earthquake disaster, as well as his racist remarks against one of the wrestlers.Fast forward five years later and a phone call from TMZ informed him a sex tape was made and leaked.“I was pretty rocked,” says Hogan.

In March 2013, after 13 hours of negotiations, Clem reached a settlement with Schnitt.Following school, one of his first paying radio jobs was at WGRD radio station in Grand Rapids, Michigan.