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Following the Reconstruction era, white-dominated legislatures in the South imposed legal racial segregation.

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When this area was first surveyed by the English in the 1750s, they reported that "No Indians" lived in Bladen County; at the time it included parts of present-day Robeson County.The first documented land grants made to individuals claimed to be Lumbee ancestors did not take place until the 1750s, more than a decade later.Land patents and deeds filed with the colonial administrations of Virginia, North and South Carolina during this period show that individuals claimed to be Lumbee ancestors migrated from southern parts of Virginia and northern parts of North Carolina.According to the 2000 US Census report, 89% of the population of the town of Pembroke, North Carolina, identify as Lumbee; 40% of Robeson County's population identify as Lumbee.

The Lumbee are one of eight state-recognized Native American tribes in North Carolina; they have been recognized by the state since 1885.

The earliest European document referring to Indian communities in the area of the Lumber River is a map prepared in 1725 by John Herbert, the English commissioner of Indian trade for the Wineau Factory on the Black River.

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The population of Iceland fell by half, but that may have been caused by skeletal fluorosis after the eruption of Laki in 1783.… continue reading »

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Man börjar uppföra sig bättre på bussen, skolresultaten går upp och paradoxerna hopar sig, vilket är uppenbart för the Supreme Court Justice när fallet slutligen hamnar i högsta domstolen: ”I think we’ve established the legal quandary here as to whether a violation of civil rights law that results in the very same achievement these heretofore mentioned statutes were meant to promote, yet have failed to achieve, is in fact a breach of said civil rights.” Om brottet mot jämlikhetslagarna skapar mer jämlikhet än lagarna i sig åstadkommit, var någonstans ligger själva brottet?… continue reading »

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