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17-Feb-2018 00:18

“Cash accounting and expensing provisions, like bonus depreciation and Section 179, are all being expanded.We weren’t able to get to full repeal on the death tax, but the exemption rate is doubled.That takes a lot of soybean oil out of the human food marketplace.Canola was ready to step in and provide advantages some of the high-heat uses for baking and frying with the health perceptions of canola oil.” Funk says the crush has also expanded.Roberts tells RRFN he wants to finish the farm bill early. “There are many people who want to change the farm bill.

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They’ll interview people in agriculture, farmers and those who are involved in cooperatives.

"If you look at how the final bill was negotiated, the package maintains a small business exclusion of million gross receipts for a three year average." Telling Agriculture's Story — CHS and the CHS Foundation are engaged in developing agriculture’s next generation.

CHS communications specialist Tera Fair says an alliance has been developed with the University of Minnesota on a project called Ag-Culture.

“Some farmers are happy with this year's yields, while others are not. We have shorter days, lack of daylight and the holidays are coming.

It can be very joyful and stressful all at the same time," says Moynihan.

Rabo Research senior analyst Sam Funk says the growth in canola acreage can be attributed to the returns seen for the farmer.

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