Homestar runner no longer updating

11-Nov-2017 08:08

More sensible people time themselves and read up a little at a time.

Even if reading a single installment takes seconds, a person coming across a new strip finds dozens, hundreds or even thousands of times as much new content. The depth of the resulting addiction can be estimated from the disruption of daily life caused and from the degree of withdrawal symptoms once the reader finishes and has to follow the update schedule from then on.

Occasionally this a series, usually from Author Appeal tastes.

Compare Grandfather Clause, where something cliché or inappropriate is retained because of tradition.

The site Archive Binge lets you subscribe to a webcomic's archive via an RSS feed at a rate you choose, allowing you to binge at your own pace.

For some of them, you need to be quite technically minded, though.

The general way to solve this problem is to avoid it, or rather, them.

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And if it's due to pure fan popularity, the producers probably aren't going to push it out in any case for no reason. Such comics progress very slowly by most standards but online archives make back issue availability unparalleled. then, if things are really working out, all of them.

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