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08-Dec-2017 21:33

He claims one time when he was hanging out with a bunch of people from Bachelor Nation — and this sounded like it happened a while back — one of the Bachelor Nation girls he was out with received a SEXT from none other than Matt Leinart! This intel, coupled with the intel we previously uncovered that Matt Leinart tried to get former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky’s phone number, tells us one thing for sure: Matt Leinart is seemingly a Bachelorette SEXT ADDICT!! I mean…are fans of the show, but why is the quarterback of the Oakland Raiders all up in the mobile grills of these ladies?!?!What we’re thinking, which is also what Natalie and Jeremy concluded on , is that Emily probably did receive sexy texts from Matt Leinart, because that is seemingly just what Matt Leinart does.

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So the stylist draped it on the ground and stuck me in 7-in. It was taped down onto my body in almost every space it possibly could be taped down. And for some reason, almost every guy who stepped out of the limo insisted on spinning me in a circle to get a good look at me!We posted earlier about the Emily Maynard and Matt Leinart sexting situation.