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Luckily there are a couple of useful ADF components for just that.Update the Repository page template file src/app/repository/repository-list-page/repository-list-page.There is currently no way of dragging and dropping files into a folder.The action will appear in the 'Three Dots' menu as follows for files: Being able to download a whole folder as a ZIP file from the repository is a useful feature that we can add to the application.Download a folder as a ZIP file is not one of the out-of-the-box supported ADF content actions, so we need to do a bit of work to get it going.This can easily be done with the ADF Document List component.We will create a page that displays the content of the Repository top folder /Company Home.

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After we have logged in we most likely want to navigate around in the Alfresco Repository and look at folders and files.Open up the src/app/repository/repository-page/repository-page.file and update it so it contains the Router Outlet: So we got a header where we can sort ascending/descending, we got a default column layout, and we can click and navigate into a folder.We also got the context sensitive menu on each row but it is empty at the moment.The interface will provide Search in both metadata and content.

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If you are just cloning the source code from the article, please remember that you must have 8 and Angular CLI 1.5.x already installed.There will be file Preview available so the user doesn't have to download a file to look at the content.

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