Reinbursement for consolidating loans

15-May-2018 12:06

After fruitlessly trying to repay her loans and pleading for debt forgiveness from the loan companies, she is in despair.Share your personal stories below or read other personal experiences.I have a bachelor's and a juris doctrate and I was forced to move back in with my parents. I should have been a student loan lender...there's virtually ZERO risk in the investment. It oppresses people that want to be educated and positively contribute to society.Our founding fathers are probably turning over in their graves.This time I would ask myself if I were really ready to learn and apply myself and if my degree really was applicable and sustainable in an uncertain global future.

The irony is that because I have a more practical relationship to money now, being that I am responsible for supporting myself, I would not seek to undermine my livelihood by creating anything but the most minimal financial obligations for myself.

He's afraid he will be hounded for the rest of his life.

"Currently, my monthly student loan payments cost me nearly 50% of my take-home income (00 per month)." —Kaycee, who fears she will have to leave her "relatively low-paying" job as a public defender because she is unable to keep up with her student loan payments.

I honestly didn't give my loans much thought until this year when I began my monthly payments.

If I were that age again I would approach education and paying for education with great caution.

She feels like everyone involved—the politicians, the lobbyists, and the money lenders—have been "unbelievably heartless." "My ,000 debt had exploded to ,000." —Edward Mc Kinley, a social worker who after a serious family illness and low paying entry level jobs, says he was unable to pay back the loans used to acquire his advanced degree.

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