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09-May-2018 07:15

And as part of the rules, there are fewer requirements and regulations for companies like Yay Yo than if it were to do a full-fledged IPO.

There are actually two kinds of Regulation A offerings.

In addition to its aggregator app, Yay Yo says it is gearing up to launch its own ride-hailing service with a fleet of luxury cars and salaried drivers behind the wheel.

But because of the new SEC rule, Yay Yo is your chance for some ride-hailing riches.

"Because of Yay Yo's business model, Yay Yo can scale faster than any one of these ride-share companies can alone," the ad says.

Regulation A made it easier for early-stage startups like Yay Yo to essentially crowdsource investment in a "mini-IPO." It's like Kickstarter, except investors become real shareholders.

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The idea was to open startup investing to Main Street, as long as they don't put in more than 10% of their income or assets.

Experts say the implication that Yay Yo could become bigger than Uber is audacious enough to attract legal and regulatory scrutiny.

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