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So I decide on a nice white bikini, not a string bikini, but more of a sporty type.This will show off my body, yet still leave plenty covered up.I’m a pretty dedicated runner, and continued to run even though the weather was really cold I’d still run.Usually I’d wear a pair of running tights and a light jacket because I’d get my body heat up by running.Dave and his friends had just graduated from high school, and in a couple of weeks were headed off to college themselves, although they were going to different colleges.It was a hot afternoon so I decided to join them for a swim. I was going to put on my one-piece suit, but then thought about the boys.

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My dad was in Las Vegas on a business trip, and my mom took a week’s vacation to join him there, so I would be at home with only my sister, who was freshman at a different college.I did my routine runs in the morning on the 18th, but on the 19th I woke up to about four inches of snow.I decided I’d just scoop the driveway and sidewalk instead of running that day.I think I did well on all but the History one.” She said.

I was a little surprised because I thought she liked history.

She was pretty cool for a sister, I guess, and I hadn’t seen her for quite awhile since we were never at home on the same weekends.