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Labour has had several spells in government, first as minority governments under Ramsay Mac Donald in 19–31.

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It was during this period that British socialism began to make headway in local government.

In addition, the number of parks and public baths were increased, London’s sewerage system was improved, roads were widened and paved, and the Blackwall Tunnel, linking the Isle of Dogs with Greenwich, was opened in 1897.

In 1892, Fred Jowett (a member of the Independent Labour Party) became the first socialist to be elected to Bradford City Council.

After further losses in the 2015 election party leader Ed Miliband resigned with the party in Opposition to a Conservative majority government under David Cameron.

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The Labour Party's origins lie in the late 19th century numeric increase of the urban proletariat and the extension of the franchise to working-class males, when it became apparent that there was a need for a political party to represent the interests and needs of those groups.The motion was passed at all stages by the TUC, and the proposed conference was held at the Congregational Memorial Hall on Farringdon Street on 26 and 27 February 1900.

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