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On the other is Elon Musk (right), inventor of internet pay system Pay Pal, creator of Tesla electric cars and the pioneer behind an initiative to bring (relatively) cheap space travel to the masses.

However, Musk and many of the world’s most respected scientists and computer engineers — including brilliant British minds such as Professor Stephen Hawking and Lord Rees, the former president of the Royal Society — believe there may be a terrible price to pay if we let machines think for us.

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For example, Space X is developing reusable rockets to cut the cost of space travel, while his tunnel company is working on a 760mph underground, electro-magnetic railway system called the Hyperloop aimed at ending traffic jams and car commuting.

His reputation as a supremely calculating and power-hungry businessman was memorably cemented in the film, The Social Network.

It told the story of the founding of the website and the bitter battle for ownership that followed, with accusations of betrayal and multi-million dollar lawsuits.

He can ask it to perform services such as adjusting the lights, changing the music, making toast, recognising callers at the gate and letting them in, or waking up his daughter with Mandarin Chinese lessons.

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Currently, there is a widespread belief that Zuckerberg’s long-term ambition is to run as a Democratic presidential candidate.They fear a digital-led Armageddon in which super-intelligent computers soon out-think humans.