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The horrors that women face greatly expand in number, frequency and severity during armed conflicts, and are not confined to gender-specific abuses.However, it is clear that women do experience a significantly increased risk of violence and slavery of a sexual nature during armed conflict situations - a risk that must not be accepted or tolerated.Rape and forced prostitution during armed conflict and government decline does continue, for example, in Yugoslavia , Rwanda and Moldova .After explaining the history of the comfort women, I will discuss the tribunals that have begun, and how the Special Rapporteur on systematic rape connects the past with the present in an effort to change international laws to prevent sexual slavery and torture from continuing, and going unpunished.In the spring of 2002 students at Goddard College were invited to attend a video screening of “Breaking the History of Silence”, from the Women’s International War Tribunal for the Trial of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, held in Tokyo, December 2000..I had not heard the term “comfort women” prior to attending the screening.This report, entitled "Contemporary Forms of Slavery: Systemic rape, sexual slavery and slavery-like practices during armed conflict" was submitted by Ms. This is not necessarily the case, though steps are now being made to extend the international court to address crimes against women.

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While there are certainly situations that may clearly be degrading to an individual woman or to the feminist movement on the whole, the misuse of strong words may also be degrading to women’s betterment.

Apichai Kroppetch was in attendance yesterday announcing seven arrests and the seizure of nine guns and 29 bullets, Pattaya News reported.