Updating a pdf document

12-Jul-2017 03:45

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I'm stuck on how to update that property and have the file saved back to the Share Point document library. reader.doesn't seem to actually change the file, or at least the changes aren't being saved to the document library. In your sample I see that you create Pdf Reader, but it is not possible to use Pdf Reader for updating Pdf document. I have tried the following piece of code and it works in my Share Point 2013 autohosted application.

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Please don't hesitate to ask me to elaborate on the issue if you don't understand the question/scenario.Although some Windows users have worked with the Live Cycle Designer application (included with Acrobat on Windows), the most common workflow is to use some other application, such as MS Word or In Design to design the actual document, then converted it to PDF, open it in Acrobat Pro, and add form fields and other interactivity.

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